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Welcome to Career Connect

During your career search have you ever wished that you could run your thoughts & vision by someone who is experienced in your industry to get real advice and guidance? Well you don't have to wish anymore. Career Connect is here for you. Comprised of a group of expert Career Coaches from a diverse background of industries, Career Connect coaches are committed to helping you through every aspect of your career journey.

Whether it be writing your resume, creating your LinkedIn profile, searching for jobs, preparing for an interview or negotiating your salary, Career Connect coaches are here for you.

We are not any other career coaching business. Our career coaches genuinely listen and care for your success and are ready and willing to assist you. We care so much about your success that we have a pay-it forward plan. Your success is our success and that's our foundation.

Each Career Coach has been interviewed and assessed for the value they bring to the table. You will not be disappointed and our coachees vouch for the quality of service we provide on a daily basis.

Our Master Coach & Founder, Aanchal Dhir has built this business on a foundation of integrity, professionalism, respect and a growth mindset. She ensures that every participant, every pathway and every strategy keeps these values in mind. She learned early on her in high school years, the importance of having a career coach. That's how she pivoted her life plan from Paediatrics to Asset Management to now Entrepreneur. Without those career coaches, she would not be where she is today.

This is your sign to reach out and make the change that you need in your life and career. Career Connect is here for you through your entire career journey. Email us at to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. Let's get started!

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