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The One Connection Podcast

The impact of one.

Do you recall that one conversation, that one moment, that one connection that changed your life? We do.

For our founder, Aanchal Dhir, it was one job shadowing opportunity that opened her eyes to change her entire career path from Paediatrics to Finance. Talk about a complete 180 degree change. But had it not been for that one opportunity, Aanchal would have been stuck on a career journey that completely misaligned with her ambition and dreams.

We at Career Connect want those special one-off conversations to be brought to the forefront, so that the world can listen in on them and reap the impact. That is why we are so proud and excited to launch the One Connection Podcast on October 7th, 2022.

Once a month, listen in on impactful conversations with our roster of expert Career Coaches and industry experts and hear their stories, their opinions on trending career topics and their insider tips to succeed.

One conversation, one career coach, one meeting, one connection, that's all it could take to impact your life. We look forward to having you tune into our One Connection Podcast, every 1st of the month.

See you then!

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