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Portia Booker

Host & Executive Producer of Groove with Portia

Portia Booker, known as Portia The Producer, is a Multi-Media Producer from Cleveland, Ohio. Holding a decade of experience in the broadcast industry, Portia uses her voice weekly on her radio show “Groove with Portia”, where conversations around mental wellness and overcoming adverse life events. When Portia is away from hosting her show, she is coaching new and seasoned podcasters on ways to expand their listenership through effective storytelling. Portia also hosts media trainings for entrepreneurs who will be guests on podcasts, radio shows or television interviews using the rule of three method.

  • LinkedIn

Areas of Expertise

  • Electronic and Digital Media

  • Audio Production

  • Video Production

  • Radio

  • Executive Producer


  • Bachelor of Science

Focus Industries

  • Media (Broadcast)

  • Healthcare

  • Human Resources

Reach out to me for

  • How to Network Virtually

  • How to Launch your Podcast

  • How to Create your Audiobook

  • How to be a Podcast Guest

  • How Podcasting can leverage your business

I Speak

  • English


  • Cleveland, OH

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