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Karolien Soylu

Career and Life Coach, Small Business Advisor & Consultant

Karolien has 10+ experience in the non-profit sector supporting internationally trained professionals with networking, job search skills, and career coaching. She has helped 100's of newcomers to Canada navigate the Canadian job market, including matching them with professional mentors and valuable career contacts. She is known for her friendly and approachable manner and her passion for helping clients find success.

  • LinkedIn

Areas of Expertise

  • Career Development

  • Job Search Skills

  • Networking

  • Non-profit program Coordination

  • Event Planning

  • Community Leadership

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Research

  • Professional Writing


  • Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Education and Training

  • Community Leadership Development

  • Certificate in Career Development Practitioner Certificate (Partial Completion)

Focus Industries

  • Non Profit

  • Education

  • Provincial Government

Reach out to me for

  • Lost in Career Search

  • Learn About Job Profiles

  • Resume & Cover Letter Revamp

  • How to Build your LinkedIn Profile

  • How to Grow Your Career

  • How to Job Search in North America

  • Understanding Work Culture

  • Prepare for an In-Person Interview

  • How to Conduct Informational Interviews

  • How to Network Virtually

I Speak

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Turkish (beginner)


  • Vancouver, Canada

Rave Reviews by Clients

"Highly recommend Karolien!!!!! She did a complete do over of my resume a few weeks back. I had been applying to countless jobs over the past year with no luck. First job I applied for with my new resume I had an interview within 24 hours. Second job I applied for (4th attempt with this particular company) I was offered a position immediately. Actually today was my 1st official day out of training and on the job. So I cannot recommend Karolien enough." - Jo Marie

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